The Work

These are Caribbean photographs as an exploration of inherited perception and individual interpretation. With a thinking that can pose questions about self (at the time) or new ideas of a space.

These photos are exercise in developing a new Caribbean aesthetic and appreciating the resulting internal discussion. The photography may also propose a separation from the island cliché but still identifying contributions to us being Caribbean souls.

I feel it necessary to see how the camera compresses a space. How it brings to the fore its discussion with light and collapses our perception. This then encourages a realisation of my truth and the value of the ‘every-day’. 

In another aspect of my photography, I have constructed images to represent an idea or mood. At times, specific to the content being out of it’s natural context and almost in a void. This hopes to bring focused attention to what the relationship of the things in the frame suggest.

For me, the pursuance of the idea and this method of interpretation through photography are a necessary endeavour. Perhaps this is the way I begin to understand myself a little more and in so doing, try to articulate my story.


Marlon Rouse

Early in my career one of my first successful images circa 1994, (image below), was an attempt at an in-camera double exposure on black and white film. 

I had seen it before but this time it was different. Photographed in the backyard of where I grew up, on a Sunday afternoon reflecting on the flickering afternoon light through the leaves of a huge mango tree, I felt it necessary to attempt some interaction.

Days later when I saw the negative I was excited and felt a huge sense of accomplishment. I knew what I had made and I declared to myself quietly, I can photograph anything!

Still, I never shared the image publicly but to maybe three friends, many years later.

Since then, I have pursued these ‘artistic’ endeavours. And while finding individual image successes I found that there was something still missing for me. Depth and confidence in what I had made. These are things that I continue to develop as expressed in the images here.

Today, I am a member of Art Society of Trinidad and Tobago and my photographs have been selected to participate in four group exhibitions within the past year (2022).

Additionally some images have also been included in three recent group exhibitions at the Rotunda Gallery in Port of Spain, Trinidad.

Self, #1